Car trouble…

Well me and my wife and kids decided to go to the grocery store to do some shopping. Little did I know the car was going to give us problems. It stalled out while driving to the grocery 3 times. Finally I managed to get it going again and we continued on. Went inside and bought my groceries and started to leave, next thing you know it stalls again. I get it cranked up and as i’m driving I start to hear a ticking noise. I start thinking wow this is just great. SO i continued to drive it home and when I got in my parking space the car dies again and wont start. I know i’m going to need a new motor so I called to price it out and it’s going to cost me over $4,000 dollars to fix. The car isn’t even worth that much.


First Post!

Well this is my first post on my new blog so I will start it out just like a programmer starts, by making it say Hello World!

If you want to know more just check out my about me section on the side. As my ideas roll in I will post them up to share with everyone.